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16 base colours – plus custom colours available

Sealing Wax Australia has a popular selection of colours to choose from, including nine standard and four metallic colours. We can also custom produce colours to suit your brand. Our products come in either 1kg bags or 12kg bulk boxes. For orders of 150kg or more we are happy to customise colours.
If you require a custom colour please take into consideration the time for us to colour match, receive your approval and to test for stability of the colour. Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for colour matching and sampling, however a longer lead time of 5-6 months is preferred to ensure product stability.

Our sealing wax colours

Product information

Our bottle sealing wax is specially formulated for ease of application

It is supplied in a beaded form and melts at a low temperature

The suggested application temperature is approximately 80C

As this is a relatively low temperature it is much safer than what is commonly available

When applied correctly the wax provides a good seal with a soft sheen finish

If a more-glossy finish required the finished seal can be dipped into cold water

The wax is easily removed from the bottle by peeling away and does not chip off in small pieces

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